Sunday, March 1, 2009

On tour in the UK - March 2009

Playlist Links
All artists featured are playing gigs in the UK this month

Krista Detor   Krista Detor   Krista Detor - tour dates
 website         Jackie Oates   Jackie Oates - tour dates
Emilíana Torrini   Emiliana Torrini   Emiliana Torrini - tour dates
Me'Shell Ndegeocello   MeShell Ndegeocello   MeShell Ndegeocello - tour dates
Brooks Williams   Brooks Williams   Brooks Williams - tour dates
Horse Feathers   Horse Feathers   Horse Feathers - tour dates
Diana Jones   Diana Jones   Diana Jones - tour dates
Lau   Lau   Lau - tour dates
Martin Simpson   Martin Simpson   Martin Simpson - tour dates
 website         Bella Hardy   Bella Hardy - tour dates
Archie Fisher   Archie Fisher   Archie Fisher - tour dates
Spiers and Boden   Spiers and Boden   Spiers and Boden - tour dates
Ruth Notman   Ruth Notman   Ruth Notman - tour dates
Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo   Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo   Emily Barker - tour dates
Craobh Rua   Craobh Rua   Craobh Rua - tour dates
Two Fingers Of Firewater   Two Fingers of Firewater   Two Fingers of Firewater - tour dates
 website         The Gutter Brothers   The Gutter Brothers - tour dates
Dean Owens   Dean Owens   Dean Owens - tour dates
J. Tillman   J Tillman   J Tillman - tour dates
Oliver Mtukudzi   Oliver Mtukudzi   Oliver Mtukudzi - tour dates
Lyle Lovett   Lyle Lovett   Lyle Lovett - tour dates
Peter Bruntnell   Peter Bruntnell   Peter Bruntnell - tour dates
 website         Johnny Dickinson   Johnny Dickinson - tour dates
Karima Francis   Karima Francis   Karima Francis - tour dates
Larry Carlton   Larry Carlton   Larry Carlton - tour dates
Amadou & Mariam   Amadou & Mariam   Amadou et Mariam - tour dates

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