Sunday, February 1, 2009

On tour in the UK - February 2009

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All artists featured are playing gigs in the UK this month

Peter Case   Peter Case   Peter Case - tour dates
Crosby Tyler   Crosby Tyler   Crosby Tyler - tour dates
Catie Curtis   Catie Curtis   Catie Curtis - tour dates
Neill MacColl & Kathryn Williams   Kathryn Williams   Kathryn Williams - tour dates
Altan   Altan   Altan - tour dates
Fleet Foxes   Fleet Foxes   Fleet Foxes - tour dates
Heidi Talbot   Heidi Talbot   Heidi Talbot - tour dates
David Olney   David Olney   David Olney - tour dates
Elliott Brood   Elliott Brood   Elliott Brood - tour dates
Ane Brun   Ane Brun   Ane Brun - tour dates
Vetiver   Vetiver   Vetiver - tour dates
Amy Wadge   Amy Wadge   Amy Wadge - tour dates
Fairport Convention   Fairport Convention   Fairport Convention - tour dates
Malcolm Holcombe   Malcolm Holcombe   Malcolm Holcombe - tour dates
Tom Paxton   Tom Paxton   Tom Paxton - tour dates
Arlo Guthrie   Tom Paxton   Arlo Guthrie - tour dates
Sarah McQuaid   Sarah McQuaid   Sarah McQuaid - tour dates
The Martin Harley Band   Martin Harley Band   Martin Harley Band - tour dates
Charlie Parr   Charlie Parr   Charlie Parr - tour dates
Jonatha Brooke   Jonatha Brooke   Jonatha Brooke - tour dates
Rodney Crowell   Rodney Crowell   Rodney Crowell - tour dates
Jenny Scheinman   Jenny Scheinman   Jenny Scheinman - tour dates
Billy Cobham   Billy Cobham   Billy Cobham - tour dates

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Jacey Bedford said...

William Pint and Felicia Dale are also on tour from the USA in February and March. See their gig list at

I'm their English agent so if you need any music or information please feel free to contact me