Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On Tour in the UK - April 2009

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All artists featured are playing gigs in the UK this month

Kimmie Rhodes   Kimmie Rhodes   Kimmie Rhodes - tour dates
Kim Richey   Kim Richey   Kim Richey - tour dates
Jackson Browne   Jackson Browne   Jackson Browne - tour dates
Website          Chris Wood   Chris Wood - tour dates
Bob Dylan   Bob Dylan   Bob Dylan - tour dates
Bonnie "Prince" Billy   Bonnie Prince Billy   Bonnie Prince Billy - tour dates
Jim White   Jim White   Jim White - tour dates
Kill Henry Sugar   Kill Henry Sugar   Kill Henry Sugar - tour dates
Foy Vance   Foy Vance   Foy Vance - tour dates
Louisiana Red & Little Victor'S Juke Joint   Louisiana Red   Louisiana Red - tour dates
The Groanbox Boys   The Groanbox Boys   The Groanbox Boys - tour dates
Tiny Tin Lady   Tiny Tin Lady   Tiny Tin Lady - tour dates
Kaki King   Kaki King   Kaki King - tour dates
John Renbourn   John Renbourn   John Renbourn - tour dates
Trace Bundy   Trace Bundy   Trace Bundy - tour dates
The Travelling Band   The Travelling Band   The Travelling Band - tour dates
Neil Halstead   Neil Halstead   Neil Halstead - tour dates
Website          Sarah Lov   Sarah Lov - tour dates
Madeleine Peyroux   Madeleine Peyroux   Madeleine Peyroux - tour dates
Sharon Shannon   Sharon Shannon   Sharon Shannon - tour dates
Rachel Harrington   Rachel Harrington   Rachel Harrington - tour dates
Heidi Talbot   Heidi Talbot   Heidi Talbot - tour dates
Romi Mayes   Romi Mayes   Romi Mayes - tour dates
Ella Edmondson   Ella Edmonson   Ella Edmonson - tour dates
Niamh Parsons   Niamh Parsons   Niamh Parsons - tour dates
Eddi Reader   Eddi Reader   Eddi Reader - tour dates
Website          Jackie Oates   Jackie Oates - tour dates
Website          Jenna Reid   Jenna Reid - tour dates
Thomas Bailey   Thomas Bailey   Thomas Bailey - tour dates
Karan Casey   Karan Casey   Karan Casey - tour dates

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