Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eric Bibb in the UK

WebsiteWebsite   UK tour dates (30 April - 1 June 2010)

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'New Home' by Eric Bibb
[from his new album 'Booker's Guitar']

'With My Maker I Am One' by Eric Bibb
[from his new album 'Booker's Guitar']

'Come Back Baby' by Eric Bibb
[from his album 'Home To Me']

'Booker's Guitar' by Eric Bibb

"After a London gig, a fan approached American roots artist
Eric Bibb to see if he wanted to play blues legend Booker
White's vintage guitar, which he had acquired. White, born
in 1909 and B.B. King's older cousin, was a master of slide
acoustic guitar Delta blues. The experience playing that
blues relic fired up Bibb to write this tribute to White."
[New York Post]

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